The White ‘Black Heart’

The White ‘Black Heart’.
The things that plague my heart are colossal, even far beyond anyone’s imagination. Right there where I sat down, my subconscious suddenly wandered off and so many thoughts bottled up to one focal point came spiralling down at the exact instance. No surprise, it was the same old intense feeling of dismay and anger. What gives the white man the right to call Africans “Black at heart”?! What justification is there for this assertion?! Up till this moment, I have not been able to grasp this audacious fallacious assumption. They referred to us at black at heart just like our skin colour: the height of racism in the 18th/19th century.
Retrospectively, I remain bewildered. I mean we welcomed these people to our land with open hands and all they did was repay our hospitality with evil. They betrayed us and killed our people, subjected us to what they could not dare propose for their own children. Indeed, to a very large degree, the Berlin conference of 1884/1885 continues to stand as the pivotal point of the official demise of unity in Africa. They racially referred to as black at heart even in a bid to establish their authority and selfish interest and destroy our identity and culture. Till date, we remain scattered and enemies of ourselves within our own God given continent. Contrary to what some might think, I am no racist, I simply identify myself with the realist school of thought. I STAND NOT to be corrected in my opine of the white man as the reason for the disunity and displacement which is widespread in Africa today. I weep for Africa. The earlier we come to the realisation of a need to forgive one another for the sins of the white man, the better for us.
FRENCH PROVERB: “La coleur de la pray nest pas la couleur du Coeur (Black skin does not mean black heart).

-Akinseesin Oluwadamilola.


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